About Us

Our team’s story started with the dream of Kati Houser, the owner and team lead. After spending many years in a demanding, unfulfilling corporate job, she decided to embark upon the journey to get her real estate license, something that had been a dream of hers since college.

During that first year, Kati sold just over $7M in sales in nine months, won Rookie of the Year for Keller Williams Central, and won many other monthly awards. In February of 2016, Top Agent Magazine awarded her with the ‘Rising Star’ award, a distinction she’s proud of today. With business multiplying so quickly, the logical next step was to bring on another agent to join the team.

In June of 2016, Kati brought Jessica Richardson on board, who immediately made an impact and broadened our service areas. Together, Kati and Jessica grew the team to just over $12M in production in 2017, earning them the #2 team award out of an office with 475 agents.

Thanks to a strong work ethic, high moral standards, and continuing extensive training, the team’s success has led to a quickly growing client base, primarily built on referrals by past clients. Not to stop there, the team is yet again looking to grow and become one of the area’s elite real estate teams. Try us out; you won’t be disappointed!